Our Vision

To unite all long-term care nurses in advancing excellence in the specialty of long-term care nursing.

Our Mission

To be an alliance of nurses who have chosen long-term care as their profession providing leadership, representation, communication, and guidance in long-term care nursing.

  • Be a recognized organization with a unified voice for the unique needs of long-term care nurses in Mississippi
  • Serve as a liaison with Schools of Nursing to promote long-term care in their curriculum
  • Encourage membership participation in educational opportunities and promote public awareness of long-term care


Any nurse (LPN/RN) in the long-term care profession

Opportunities for Members

  • Recognize unified voice for long-term care issues
  • Newsletter related to long-term care issues
  • Be a member of a specialized organization for long-term care

Aims to unite all levels of nursing staff – to speak with one voice to represent and gain public awareness of nurses who have chosen long-term care as their professional area of practice. Messages will be crafted to address the unique needs of those nurses and the individuals whose care they provide.

The Coalition will strive to achieve this by offering relevant education that can bridge current best practices between management and clinical services.

Learning opportunities designed to meet the unique needs and styles of various levels of adult learners will allow nurses to share their “community” and better serve their residents. The Long-Term Care Nursing Coalition of Mississippi will strive to inform colleagues and consumers of the complexities, competencies, and commitment of the exceptional nurses loyal to long-term care.