◂  August 2021

2021 Webinar Series: Standards of Care - Dementia Care, Behavioral Health and Antipsychotic Reducation

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Course Description:

This session will review regulatory requirements and best practices for dementia and behavioral health care and strategies for reducing antipsychotics through non-pharmacological interventions. Through lecture and case study analysis we will identify critical nursing assessment and documentation principles to apply in your daily practical operations to promote resident well-being and minimize potential risks.


Learning Objectives

  1. Describe best practices for implementing and/or improving critical nursing assessment and documentation practices pertinent to dementia and behavioral heath care and strategies for reducing antipsychotics through non-pharmacological interventions
  2. Understand the role of interdisciplinary team members in collaborating to manage behaviors and reduce the use of antipsychotics.
  3. Describe a process for establishing priority QAPI and Staff Development activities

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