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Five-Star Webinar Series - Five-Star QMs: Catheter, UTI

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Course Description:

This session will review the UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measures that impact the Quality Measure component of the Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Quality Rating system. During the session, we will review how these measures are calculated and how they impact your overall Five-Star Quality Rating. The session will focus on best practices for reducing urinary tract infections and unnecessary catheter use in your facility and how to improve these measures using a QAPI framework with emphasis on reduction of common MDS coding errors and implementation of a facility specific Five Star road map action plan. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how the UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measure are calculated and impact the Five-Star Quality Rating score
  2. Describe best practices for reducing UTIs and catheter use and improving your Five-Star Quality Rating score
  3. Describe a process for establishing priority QAPI goals and actions to improve the UTIs and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measure

Course Content:

Review of the UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measures and impact on 5-Star Rating
  • Percent of residents with UTIs or catheters
  • Acceptable diagnoses for catheter use and effective documentation and monitoring of catheter use and care
  • Ensuring appropriate MDS coding per the RAI manual for UTI
  • Review of an antibiotic stewardship program to assure appropriate use of antibiotics
  • How to calculate UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measure scores in the 5-Star Rating system
      Best practices related to infection control and UTI prevention and the new RoP for infection control   Developing a QAPI plan based on antipsychotic medications quality measures data analysis
  • PIP Team
  • Establishing goals for implementation
  • Identification of tools for evaluating and monitoring compliance
  • Plan for monitoring compliance
  • Implementation of changes that will result in 5-Star improvement
      Closing Comments/ Q&A

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