For Individuals

Instructions for individuals completing the 8-hour AHCA Nurse Aide Training

Here is the link to the Temporary Nurse Aide training:

If you need technical assistance with information provided in the link above – email

After you have completed the course the next step is contact MS Health Care Association (MHCA) to inform them that you have completed the training and you can also search for nursing homes in your area by going to this link – and let them know that you are interested in employment.

The additional training Mississippi requires is Abuse/Neglect, Dementia Care and a skills check-off list that the facility should provide.

If you have questions or need additional information after you have completed the Temporary Aide Training you may contact the MHCA office at 601-898-8320 or email

For Facilities

Instructions for facilities:

Here are the state-specific requirements providers using temporary nurse aides trained through AHCA’s program must meet:

  1. Per the waiver FAQ document dated April 2020, in order to use TNAs, the facility must provide state Licensure with documentation that they have staffing shortages due to COVID-19 and are not able to meet staffing needs; they say not all facilities will be eligible and determinations will be case by case, so it’s critical providers first follow this step.
  2. Per the State DOH memo and waiver guide, facilities must send a list using the stateprovided spreadsheet of any TNAs hired under the waiver to the State DOH CNA coordinator, Antanikah Robbins at, and must also notify the coordinator if the worker terminates.
  3. Per the waiver FAQ document, facilities must use the skills check-off (version provided with MS DOH logo on it) signed by an RN who observes and supervises the NA and may only perform duties after they’ve been observed to show competence in the assigned duties.
  4. Per the waiver FAQ document, facilities must ensure the applicant doesn’t have any actions listed in any CNA registry, and perform background screens as soon as possible after hire (and document these).
  5. Per the waiver FAQ document, facilities must provide all TNAs with the same new hire orientation on Abuse/Neglect and dementia training.