August 6, 2020

Position Summary
The Nursing Home Administrator is the senior-level manager who oversees care for people who are sick, injured, convalescent or disabled. The patient/resident population is frail, complex in nature and experiences many illnesses and dysfunctions. The Administrator manages the facility’s everyday operation handling many roles in overseeing everything from patient admissions to financial planning and personnel management. Nursing home administrators are specially licensed to know the latest protocols for safe, effective senior residential care. It is imperative to identify the essential mix of administrative/management skills, knowledge of fiscal management, ethical principles and decision making skills, and the knowledge of local, state, federal and other regulatory requirements that the Nursing Home Administrator must posses or develop in order to lead, administer and manage a long-term care facility.

The Administrator has knowledge and expertise in oversight and management of the frail geriatric residents and other patients at the facility.

Company Info

Company Name
Magnolia Healthcare, Inc.

Contact Name
Cindy Gayle


225 906-4652


402 Arnold Avenue
Greenville, MS 38701