Mississippi Health Care Association Request to Present

Filling out this form is simply a request to present at an upcoming MHCA education seminar.

  • Contact Information

  • Education Information

    This information is needed to obtain approval for continuing education credit. Please include school name, degree and year of graduation. If you have more than one degree, please list that as well.

  • Presentation Information

  • Biographical Information

    This information will be used to advertise your presentation in MHCA’s promotional materials.

  • Session Description

    Please include a concise description of the presentation. Describe why a caregiver in long term care may find the session pertinent and beneficial. If it is an interactive session or if you will review certain facility materials, please expound.

  • Session Objectives

    Provide three learning objectives from your presentation that may be used in a paragraph encouraging a long-term care professional to attend. Please do not be vague in your description.

  • Speaker Selection

    The MHCA Education Committee reviews and discusses potential speakers and topics. If you are provided the opportunity to present, you will be notified by MHCA. Please do not call to inquire as we receive many presentation requests each week.

  • MHCA Policy

    It is the policy of MHCA to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.